Rise and Shine…

Now my eyes r full of dreams, I can see what I want
only cheerful dreams to follow, no more nightmares that used to haunt.

All my strength centered on, to win over this world
and don’t care if I get, path straight or curled.

Enough of discussions about; what I was, what I have been
now I will turn this world into my reign; and will rule as a Queen.

I have so much in my mind, I want all of it to be true.
I will put my heart and even soul into it, and whatever it takes I will do.

I will do whatever it takes, and will never stop
and will climb every stair, until I reach the top.

All this; is a new feeling and brand new thoughts.
Loads of positive vibes surround me, and no more bad spots.

I am feeling so determined, to take over all that’s mine;
to show all people actual me, to finally rise and shine;
and letting this world to deal with me;
while I sip from a glass of wine.




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